Clayton: A Better Way To Build

Advantages of the modular building process

Advantages of the modular building process

Modular structures are steadily gaining a reputation for strength durability and efficiency. The modular construction process is both eco-friendly and cost effective while giving the best possible potential for pleasing design... Learn More

Our modular process means precision built & greater efficiency

Our modular process means precision built and greater efficiency

Modular housing is as strong as if not stronger than traditionally constructed buildings. Watch the steps taken to prepare and strengthen each module before leaving the plant and then constructed on site. Learn More

Whether your need is a government, commercial, or multi-family application,
Clayton wants to be your provider of choice.

We cut costs, not corners.
Our streamlined building process is more efficient than site-built construction, reducing your cost and waste. Plus, we offer fixed prices, so there are no surprises.
We work for you year-round.
Rain, sleet or snow – no problem. Our production takes place year-round in climate-controlled manufacturing facilities around the country, saving you time and money.
We're here to stay.
Our experience runs deep, and our financial capacity is unrivaled. Every Clayton and Trendsetter structure is built on the solid reputation of Berkshire Hathaway.

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